Andalus: Finding Divinity in Modernity


After looking at the work I have been putting out over the past 5 years I was struck by two things: how much of it there was, and how far I came along in my writing. It is kind of surreal to read how I used to write when I first started. For those who have been following me for a while, you already know that I was blessed to have my writing appear on the pages of Al Jazeera English, Middle East Eye, the Islamic Monthly, and most significantly and regularly on Al-Madina Institute’s ImanWire. All of these opportunities came after this blog received attention, and it turned out that for whatever reason, I happen to strike a cord that resonates with many people. Of course, the credit for the success in getting the type of exposure goes back to God and only to Him. This world is only filled with means through which we get things done. But the ultimate success is with God.

It is time to start the next chapter and raise the quality and focus of what I do. Some of you may be aware I have a self-titled podcast on iTunes, which I plan to be more consistent in having regular weekly episodes released on Mondays. I also started turning my attention to my YouTube channel where I have two series currently, Scattered Thoughts with episodes running Monday-Thursday, and The Reading Chair with episodes released on Sundays. Given how I utilize multiple platforms it makes my work spread everywhere. I have therefore set up a new website, Andalus Online, where you can find the collection of my past work, as well as all future projects published there. I will keep this blog as an archive collection since I will not be moving all the articles published here to Andalus.

I never really gave a proper thanks to all of you who continue to follow me and read what I feel compelled to share. Without you reading and sharing these articles and connecting with me through Twitter and Facebook I would not where I am today. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support. I hope what you read has been beneficial, thought provoking, and dare I say transformative for some of you.

My plans for Andalus are grand and I pray that God facilitates their success. What you will see over there today is just the beginning of a new journey. I hope you continue to follow me there and show your support.

May God bless you all. Please include me in your prayers.