Israel’s Gaza Politics of Death


APTOPIX Mideast Israel Palestinians“Israel uses sophisticated attack jets and naval vessels to bomb densely-crowded refugee camps, schools, apartment blocks, mosques and slums to attack a population that has no air force, no air defines, no navy, no heavy weapons, no artillery units, no mechanized armour, no command in control, no army and it calls it a war. It is not a war, it is murder.” 

– Noam Chomsky

When it comes to politics and decisions to go to war, or in the case of Zionists in Israel to pummel Gaza further into the Stone Age every so many years, it is safe to assume that nothing is as it seems. Hamas is always painted as the side not interested in peace. But what about Israel? If we get past Zionist propaganda and politicians’ empty rhetoric, and look to their actions, we would be hard-pressed to accept the notion put forth that Israel is interested in peace at all.

The Israeli government tells its people and the world at large that with Hamas they have no partner for peace. But Gideon Levy’s article in Haaretz titled “Israel does not want peace” puts it plainly. From dehumanization of Palestinians and unobstructed illegal settlement projects, to the embedded rejectionism of a just solution due to their inherent feeling of being “God’s chosen people”, the Zionists in Israel are in practice a mirror image of what they accuse Hamas of being. The only difference is who has the bigger and more sophisticated guns.

In 2006 Hamas surprised observers with a shock win in the Palestinian parliamentary elections against the Fatah party. The U.S. and Israeli governments of course did not receive this well given that Hamas as per their charter rejects all initiatives for peaceful solutions as “a waste of time and a kind of child’s play.”

In keeping with their policy of “we support democracy so long as we approve the winners”, the U.S. government led by then-president George W. Bush and secretary of state Condoleezza Rice made a failed attempt at overthrowing Hamas using Fatah fighters who received arms and salaries from Washington’s allies, which included Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Hamas seemed to have sensed the eminent coup meant to dissolve its power in Gaza and pre-empted it before it could happen, thus violently taking over the area completely in 2007.

A 21st Century Concentration Camp

Ever since 2006 Hamas was made to deal with such internal battles with Fatah orchestrated by outside parties, or external onslaughts from Zionists. After the failed attempt to overthrow Hamas, Israel widened its blockade on Gaza as a form of collective punishment against Palestinians living in the strip in order to strong-arm them into abandoning their democratically elected government.

When the Nazis built their concentration camps to exterminate Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and other minority groups, the world stood by as approximately 11 million people died in the Holocaust. In a twist of historical irony, we stand today and watch as the Zionists in Israel have effectively built a concentration camp in Gaza, where they subject 1.8 million people to unfathomable conditions. It has been established that as part of their punitive restrictions on imports into Gaza, Israel placed Palestinians on a diet, counting the minimum number of calories needed to avoid a humanitarian crisis. But it seems those calculations were a little off. A 2012 report in the International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research revealed that 65.3% of pre-school children were anemic, 34% had stunted growth, 20.3% were wasted and 45% were underweight.

In addition to nutritional restrictions, Israel also limited imports of fuel, electricity, and equipment needed to repair Gaza’s electrical grid, not to mention Egypt’s refusal to open its border in order to allow for shipments of goods to Gaza. According to Human Rights Watch, the past seven years of Israeli blockade on Gaza have left its medical facilities and personnel ill-quipped to handle large numbers of casualties. What the Zionists have done was place Gazans in a position where if they are not being swiftly killed by U.S.-supplied IDF weaponry, they would die a slow and agonizing death in a holocaust orchestrated by Zionists. The United Nations forecast for Gaza states that under existing conditions, Gaza would be uninhabitable by 2020.

Israel Starts It Every Time

In 2008, Israel attacked Gaza in “Operation Cast Lead” after tensions have built up following the expiry of their ceasefire agreement. Israeli propaganda at the time pointed to a barrage of rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza, and justified their strikes by asserting their right to defend their towns bordering the strip. However, contrary to Zionist propaganda claims, Hamas does not fire rockets for no reason. Hamas had actually offered to renew the ceasefire if Israel opened the borders and lifted the economic siege meant to topple them.

In 2012 Israel attacked Gaza in “Operation Pillar of Defense”, pointing once again to Hamas’ firing of rockets and how Israel has “the right to defend itself.” But as in 2008, this is a matter of when one decides that the timeline of events began, which shows that Israel began the aggression as has been outlined at the time, but received little attention in Western media. After all, the Zionist propaganda machine is well oiled, and perpetuates myths every time Israel attacks Gaza that get eaten up uncritically by a large segment of the Western audience.

Two years later and here we are today in 2014 with another bogus claim that Israel is defending itself in “Operation Protective Edge”. The Zionist government in Israel has decided it is time for target practice in Gaza. This time the claim is that Hamas kidnapped and killed three young Israeli teens. The 18 days in which these three young boys were missing were used to start a racist frenzy that culminated in a population that lost its sense of humanity, cheering as bombs hit civilian targets in Gaza. It should be noted here that the speed at which Israelis can be swayed into the racism they display against Arabs is indicative of their underlying prejudices. Indeed, Israelis are breastfed anti-Arab sentiments from the moment they are born, and their military indoctrination begins in school. The end result of this is children making statements like, “I picture a dead Arab and that makes me happy”:

Unsurprisingly, it was revealed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country’s military-intelligence apparatus knew from the moment these boys were missing who kidnapped them and that they were killed. But instead of handling this situation as the isolated crime that it was, Netanyahu accepted it as a gift given to him on a golden plate. He needed a reason to attack Gaza again in order to weaken Hamas further, and certainly needed the type of popular Israeli and U.S. government support to attack, which could be garnered from a tragedy such as this.

Why Attack Gaza This Time?

Multiple events in the Middle East have left Hamas increasingly isolated and economically desperate. Between losing Iran’s support after backing the Syrian revolution, and the ousting of their Muslim Brotherhood allies in Egypt, Hamas was placed in a position where they needed a way out. Its political influence and popularity had significantly weaned before they sought a new alliance. A unity between Hamas and Fatah opens a small possibility for Hamas to regain its power and to even expand its presence in the West Bank in the future. Such unity among Palestinians does not bode well for Zionists like Netanyahu who need Palestinians divided and weakened. Netanyahu made no real efforts to stop illegal Jewish settlements, and he certainly does not want Palestinians united in such a way that gives them stronger leverage in the peace negotiations he talks about but never follows through with.

On June 2nd Hamas and Fatah formed a unity government. In this agreement Hamas consented to uphold the three conditions required by the international community before they can engage with the party: recognition of Israel, abidance by previous diplomatic agreements, and renunciation of violence. For the first time, the one card the Israeli government had against Hamas is not available. After accepting the three conditions, Zionists can no longer claim that Hamas wants to throw the Jews into the sea. In fact, Israel was quite angry at the deal. Netanyahu told his ministers that Fatah’s leadership “said yes to terrorism and no to peace,” and urged the international community “not to recognize [the] Palestinian government.” However, Netanyahu’s pleas were unanswered, and to add insult to injury, the U.S. agreed to work with the new government.

Unable to convince the international community to shun the new Palestinian unity government, and engaging in internal battles within his own Likud Party, it may seem that Netanyahu needed something to settle both issues. His exploitation of the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli teens allowed him to cook up popular support to attack Gaza so he can isolate Hamas once again, the purpose of which is to keep Palestinians divided politically as they are geographically. The unfolding of this attack also gave him the groundings necessary to silence his critics and dismiss his most vocal opponents from the party.

The politics of death that Israel engages in when it comes to Gaza are a tragic testimony to the moral bankruptcy of Zionism and its proponents. The Israeli blockade has proven to be a major point of contention for Gazans who rejected any ceasefire agreements that do not include lifting it. This is not a conflict in which two sides are trading equal blows that was started by Hamas, as much of mainstream media would portray it. It is the latest campaign of Israeli aggression against a people they have entrapped in a modern day concentration camp. It is shameful that in an age of “Human Rights” we would stand by watching as it happens.